Friday 27 March 2015

Challenge #71 Mermaids with Spellbinding Stamps

Good Morning folks! I am so glad you've joined us today for a brand new LOC Challenge! The theme this week is 'Mermaids/Water', so think mermaids, fishes, the ocean, rivers and beautiful things like that and show us what you come up with. We have a brand new sponsor this week too - Spellbinding Stamps by Nikki Burnette are available on her Etsy store page and you can also join her on Facebook and her website.
Here are the projects the team have been working on this week - lots of mermaids! And remember you can always share your LOC projects even if there's not a drop of water in sight! 



  1. Are Spellbinding stamps a requirement or a suggestion? I don't own any.

    1. hi there! thanks for the question - Spellbinding Stamps are our sponsor this week, so the team have been using her images and the winner will receive some images from the company as a prize. You are welcome to use any images that you have in your collection, no need to buy anything new or specific to join in. Just keep in mind the mermaid/water theme and you're good to go! Thanks! mo x

    2. Awesome....thank you :) Hugs...Janie


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