Friday, 21 November 2014

Challenge #55 Gremlins with Rick St Dennis

Welcome to our latest challenge - a bit of a LOC one for you this week! The theme is Gremlins!! We have the very talented Rick St Dennis joining us as a sponsor this week so do remember to join in and you could win a couple of images from his Digi Store at Zibbet.

We have Team A sharing projects with us this week. And firstly we'd like to say a big LOC Hello to our latest Crew member - Kim Johnny. Here's her first fabulous project for us and we look forward to seeing more from Kim

Thanks to the crew for the fabulous projects, we look forward to seeing your Gremlins this week! 


  1. I'm the first entry again, lol! I'm so happy there is a "loc" challenge. Another "dark" challenge site closed last week. For those of us who wish Halloween was year round...the Left of Center Challenge is #1! Thank you and your sponsors!

    1. Hey, hey! thanks for playing with us Wendy! And check out that 'closed' challenge.... good news on the horizon! mo x

  2. Bwahahaha! I started out fairly cute (relatively speaking) for this one, but then I veered waaaaaaaaaaaay to the left :P And I'm also appreciative of your left-of-centre challenges, thanks so much for giving us somewhere to play that encourages our darker artistic endeavors :D


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